Posted by: europatrizia | 7 November 2014

1069 – Review

450 Cdo/220 lbs/97 Core

Very good review, good talk with my team leader. And towards the end my flu shot kicked in. Whoops. But it was good to end the week on a positive note. I got reinforcement over my job performance and the direction I’m moving in. And there is a raise coming. Finally.

Posted by: europatrizia | 6 November 2014

1068 – Faint Hope

450 Cdo/220 lbs/97 Core

Once again we had a meeting with a corporate wonk to define our status. Long story short, in a roundabout way our manager was told in no uncertain terms that her administration of exempt employees is dead wrong. It was fun. And she had the temerity to thank the wonk for clarifying because it hadn’t been presented clearly. Right.

Posted by: europatrizia | 5 November 2014

1067 – What an Asshole

450 Cdo/220 lbs/97 Core

Oh, that Coach.

In the meantime, I had great energy at the gym.

And now. I’m late to bed.

Posted by: europatrizia | 4 November 2014

1066 – Still Blank

449 Cdo/222 Cdo/97 Core

Yup. I got nothing. My brain is not processing outside of work right now.

Posted by: europatrizia | 2 November 2014

1065 – I Got Nothin’

449 Cdo/221 lbs/97 Core

Cold. Windy. Sunday.

Posted by: europatrizia | 1 November 2014

1064 – November Rain

449 Gym/219 lbs/97 Core

What a great day to sit around and read. After you go to the gym. Holla!

Posted by: europatrizia | 31 October 2014

1063 – Yoga 6

448 Cdo/220 lbs/97 Core

Thank god for Coach. It was like a scene from Ferris Bueller, only I was, like, “He’s gonna keep texting. And texting . . . I’ll go. I’ll go; I’ll go; I’ll go.

So, after saying I wasn’t going to participate in Halloween-at-work, I’ll pulled a 180 and went all in. I realized it was a chance to have some fun; and I should have more fun. So I did. I had fun today.

Posted by: europatrizia | 30 October 2014

1062 – Yoga 5

447 Cdo/220 lbs/97 Core

So, more yoga, more breakfast. Gym, laundry? Not just yet, so tomorrow is a down and dirty day.

I’m still working on the sleep. I have an app that produces sound waves to help induce sleep. Unfortunately, I want to feel it happening, but I’ll get over it. I definitely get very relaxed and my mind quiets.


Posted by: europatrizia | 29 October 2014

1061 – Yoga 4

447 Cdo/220 lbs/97 Core

I am working the bedtime and the wake up time and so far it’s going well. I had time to make breakfast this morning (though not to finish my coffee!). And even just this small change over this short timespan is having an effect. I’m feeling more energetic and more focused at work. I really am back to the beginning of it all.

Oh. The yoga count? That’s just for a little while, to help me stay aware.

Posted by: europatrizia | 28 October 2014

1060 – Yoga 3

447 Cdo/221 lbs/97 Core

Rebuilding my backbone by stretching my spine. It does feel better to start the day that way. Pushing back my alarm to 5, increases the drowse, decreases the time stress.

Still two gym dates to fulfill this week.

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