1081 – Thick Socks

433 Cdo/220 lbs/96 Core

Wow I wanted to cheat today. I wanted to message that I had gone to the gym. From the parking lot. And then I could just drive home, having omitted the part about going in and actually sweated on purpose. But, I went in. Had no earbuds, so I treadmilled in treadmill silence. For a half hour. With thick socks.


1080 – Tenderfoot

432 Cdo/219 lbs/96 Core

Apparently two hours of treadmill was just enough to blister me up a bit. So, I gave my foot a rest and got groceries.

Lots of things I need to get on top of – dishes, laundry, cleaning, recycling. Time to stop listing. Tomorrow I’m taking out trash, emptying the dishwasher and cleaning the bathroom sink. After I get home from the gym.

1078 – Moving the Goalposts

431 Cdo/220 lbs/96 Core

Hmm. Missed three gym days last week, including a Sunday workout. Not good, but the other four days went well. I’m especially paying attention to my heart rate and that has been looking damn good.

This week I want to hit every day but Wednesday. Wednesday is my dentist day, but I think I’ll move it. Still don’t have my insurance card – and I owe them $700!

I have go to bed so I can go to the gym tomorrow.

1077- Digital Scale Curse

430 Cdo/220 lb/96 Core

Every morning my scale plays a little joke on me. It calibrates. I step on it. It clickety-clicks its way up, hesitates, oh so sweetly, at 219. As I exhale with happiness, it flips to 220. Every flipping time.

Oh. Well. Payday. I now take home $5 a week more. Yup. I’m rich now. But let’s face it, Research Analyst is still an awesome job title.

1076 – Salad, Gym, Salad, Gym

429 Cdo/220 lbs/96 Core

Gym is going well. Heart rate is steady and I’m not wiped out, which makes it easier to go tomorrow. This is really my big plan. It’s less about quantity (time) and more about consistency (showing up). I don’t even care about fitness; I’m going to keep showing up, keep eating salads, and work at keeping a lid on my fondness for ice cream and caloric rewards for simply making it part way through a week. The latter leads to serious weight gain I can tell you.

1075 – I Read a Book

428 Cdo/220 lbs/96 Core

I get unnerved when I’m out in storms. Even when I know everything will be okay, I just want to be home. And that’s what I did today. Drove home, quite competently, from work through a driving rain and constant lightning and thunder, instead of going to the gym.

And, safe and sound, I read a book.