Posted by: europatrizia | 30 September 2014

1037 – Force Fluids!

445 Cdo/221 lbs/97 Core

That and take a day off. And get more sleep. So that’s my day in a nutshell. Lots of sleep. Lots of water. Back to bed for me.

Posted by: europatrizia | 29 September 2014

1036 – Take Care!

445 Cdo/221 lbs/97 Core

The cold is real, the cough is lurking. I’m focused on taking care of myself and not getting lost in being sick so I can get back to the gym in a timely fashion. I’m drinking lots of fluids, taking all my meds and heading off to bed. (I slept through my alarm again this morning!)

Posted by: europatrizia | 28 September 2014

1035 – Sore Throat!

445 Cdo/221 lbs/97 Core

Yesterday’s tickle grew into last night’s sore throat, bad enough to keep me awake. It’s disgusting; there’s so much goop draining from my sinuses it feels like I’m choking. So I’m doing the usual and getting ready for bed.

Nothing poetic about a cold.

Posted by: europatrizia | 27 September 2014

1034 – Lobstah!

445 Cdo/222 lbs/97 Core

Returned to the gym today and pretty well. I swear the older treadmill is calibrated differently than the newer ones. I was able to go at a much faster rate. But then again, it’s the weekend. Workouts are always better on the weekend.

Lobster roll, outside at a picnic table, part in sun, part in shade. First week of autumn. Listening to acorns ping off of cars unfortunate enough to be parked under the forty foot oaks. Scolding chipmunks distracting the dog, who discovers the command “SIT” doesn’t specify where, so she attempts it on top of the picnic table. While we eat. I drink it all in, the beginnings of fall colors, warm sunlight, rich green of the golf club’s driving range, the dog’s clever chutzpah, the creamy, rich lobster. I get Apple Crumble ice cream. In a dish. And I savor everything.

Posted by: europatrizia | 25 September 2014

1033a – BTW

Hauntingly beautiful morning. Mists rising over the rivers and marshes, just a peek of sun through whispy clouds. This time of year is so special, watching familiar landscapes gradually change, sudden bright pops of yellow and red. My heart was so full this morning.

Posted by: europatrizia | 25 September 2014

1033 – Lies and More Lies!

444 Cdo/220 lbs/97 Core

I cannot get out of my own way. I was on my way to bed last night, but there was my license renewal. So I went online, did everything I needed to and then my printer – new ink, now! Then updates. Then, well, I heard a Jackson Browne song earlier in the day, nostalgia rules and hello iTunes.

You know, I love the way my mind works. I do. It jumps and skips and takes in so many interests. It is a great ride. But sometimes you just want to get the mundane accomplished. I’m weak and cave into my childish side.

I don’t know. The stress levels at work are at the extreme. Our manager is ignorant of how we do our work, so she’s defensive, will take a hard line, until someone gets really upset, then she reverses. I just found out today that one of the team leaders, like me, was shocked that the new company didn’t clean house with the managers. The very people who have driven staff to the point of mutiny are still pulling in pay checks.

So, maybe that’s at least one reason why my mind is slippery as a child at play.

Posted by: europatrizia | 24 September 2014

1132 – Louder Please!

444 Cdo/220 lbs/97 Core

So, it turns out “Here Comes the Sun” is not exactly a propel you out of bed song. In fact, it turns out to be pretty good background score for your dreams. Which is one reason why I barely make it to work on time. On to the new wake up tune “Get Out of Your Mind” which is downright frightening and basically a plea to hit snooze.

I’m blogging early and will get get to bed early.

Posted by: europatrizia | 23 September 2014

1131 – Chores!

444 Cdo/220 lbs/97 Core

I have got to renew my license, register my car, take out recycling, take out trash, get a grip, make a plan, execute a plan. Get more sleep. “I’m tired” gets in the way of everything.

Posted by: europatrizia | 22 September 2014

1130 – Monday!

444 Cdo/221 lbs/97 Core

The best day of the week to feel like you’ve got to get to get a plan, a life, a clue. And a good night’s sleep.

Posted by: europatrizia | 21 September 2014

1129 – Family Time!

444 Cdo/220 Lbs/97 Core

Time with niece and niecelet. With m’boys and m’dog. With my mom.

Can I not go to work tomorrow? Why do we live the lives we do? Why do we go day after day struggling as we do? The blessing of being a conscious being is that we can ponder these things. It’s also the curse.

Tomorrow. Money’s no problem. What would you do instead of work?

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